"Yards”: Kind. Smart. Respectful. Caring. Fun loving. Generous. Ambitious. Athletic. Compassionate. Funny….Hilarious.


Run for Yeards honors Kappa Alpha Theta sister, Yeardley Love who tragically died in a domestic violence incident in 2010. A student at UVA, she majored in government and minored in Spanish. She was a dedicated student-athlete as a member of the UVA women’s lacrosse team. Yeardley won two Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) titles, played in a Final Four, and her teams were consistently ranked in the top 10 of collegiate women’s lacrosse.  Yeardley Love wore # 1 as a lacrosse player at both her high school, Notre Dame Prep, and UVA. The One Love Foundation is named for the number she wore, her last name and the way “Yards” lived her life.


Yeardley Love gave of herself to others and enjoyed working particularly with both underprivileged children and the elderly. Mary Bartel, NDP’s lacrosse coach, says “Yeardley was the core personality of the team. She was our laughter, a good soul. She always knew how to lighten things up.” UVA’s coach, Julie Myers, mirrors that comment: “Yeardley was the player who always made everyone feel better. What I will always remember about her is her smile and her readiness to play anything we asked of her.”  She was a real person, who lived her life with integrity, gratitude, and honesty yet often with a touch of humor and intent to make others laugh. She saw the best in everyone.


In efforts for Kappa Alpha Theta to honor and remember Yeardley, The Run for Yeards 5k was started. Run for Yeards reflects both Yeardley’s dedication to athletics and to helping others, as all the proceeds go to the One Love Foundation and the Yeardley Reynolds Love Endowment Fund. It is a time for the chapter, family, friends as well as the UVA and greater Charlottesville community to celebrate the beautiful life Yeardley led. The first annual race was held in April of 2011, and we are excited to host the seventh annual event on April 8, 2018!





*excerpts taken from joinonelove.org






Run for Yeards